Starting the closet clean!



It always amazes me how each and every year end I start to think about new possibilities!  I get this little tingle inside and I want to make New Year’s resolutions.  Getting organized is always on my list and I like to tackle something every year.  Because I own a clothing boutique, I immediately start to think new clothes – but before I go there, it is time to clean out.  The dreaded closet cleaning and wardrobe organizing tops the list.

To really make dressing for any occasion easy, an organized closet is a must.  It really helps to narrow the choices and set you up for less stress each and every day.  I love the feeling I get when I know that I have made the right outfit choice for the day; it just feels good.  In the reverse, I truly know the feeling of not getting it right and second guessing how I look throughout the whole day.  It’s simple – when you feel good you have a more productive day every time.

Closet Organization 101

  1. Prep by having the right tools. Some tools that I like to have on hand to speed up the process are matching hangers and a quick fold down rolling rack. I purchased my rolling rack from Canadian Tire for $39.99.  Using the hangers and rolling rack will help when sorting and gives you a picture of how neat your future organized closet will look.
  2. Get everything out of your closet.  Nothing can shut you down faster than having a full closet stuffed with things you have not worn in forever and items that you just do not know how to pull together.  Do a general cleaning of all the shelves and floor.  This alone will feel amazing and you will be excited to get everything sorted and organized.


  1. Sort as you go. Start piles of pants, tops, sweaters, dresses and even tights, bras and underwear.  Already you may be thinking, “wow – I have way too many black pants” or “do I really need 20 plus dresses?”  Don’t worry; we will get this under control before you know it.This might be a good time to grab a coffee and visualize how you will want this to all look in the end.  I do a lot of dreaming and browsing through Pinterest, but I have learned that picture perfect is only for the magazines.  This process is about making it easy for you to be ready for any event with confidence.



  1. Make the hard decisions. Now it’s time to get tough!!  You now have to start asking yourself some questions.
  • Do I love this?
  • Do I feel good in this?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it need any cleaning or repairs?

(I sometimes enlist the help of my daughter for this step, because it is helpful to have someone who is able to be decisive or brutally honest to make you realize that you really don’t need that item.)

If you answered the first three questions with a yes, then put it back in your closet.  When you hit an item that raises a question mark, something you are not sure about or have not worn for a long period of time, just put it on the rolling rack.  Don’t worry; you do not have to decide just yet.  Once all the good stuff is back and looking great, it’s time to try items on and evaluate.  This is where my daughter has been really helpful – she can instantly say “too small”, “too big” or, my personal favorite, “give it to nanny!!”  At this point, make two piles, a give-away and a keep pile.  Often times, the give-away pile will be big and the keep pile will be small.  You will soon realize that items get outdated and worn looking and you just need to get rid of them.  Don’t hang on because you think it will come back in style or you will be able to fit into it in the future.  It is de-motivating to have your closet full of things like this and it clutters up your head space.

Bonus! Cleaning out your closet can also help motivate you with some of those other New Year’s Resolutions. One of my other goals this year is to exercise more.  This year I decided to make a workout section.  Now I see my exercise wear every time I open my closet, which will either get me moving more or guilt me into going to the gym.  Here’s hoping, this new strategy will work!



I followed each of these steps this year to organize my own closet and I have to say I’m pretty proud and am happy that I was able to pound down one of my resolutions in the early part of January!  The satisfaction of getting up Monday morning and getting ready for work was amazing…outfit and accessories – bam (nailed it)!


Here are a few things I learned while cleaning out my closet 

  • You can have too many black bottoms;
  • this is a great opportunity to see the “holes” in your wardrobe and help you make a list for your next shopping trip;
  • a great organizer for jewelry and accessories can make getting ready a much easier task; and
  • a friend to help is great if you trust her advice and she has a knack for sorting things. This makes the job go much faster and makes it a lot more fun!

Finally, my last piece of advice: if it does not make you feel fabulous – don’t do it – don’t buy it – don’t keep.

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